Gentler Streak is a health and fitness tracker that promotes sustainable approach to active lifestyle. It’s main goal is to keep everyone, regardless of their fitness level or background, motivated and active by providing daily guidance that suits their current capabilities and well-being.

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June 20th 2024

Post WWDC24: our thoughts on the Vitals app and watchOS upgrades

Last Monday, straight after WWDC, our social media notifications came with a lot of “RIP Gentler Streak,” “Apple just killed this app,” etc., and now, when the dust has settled, we want to clear the air on that.

Gentler Stories co-founders at WWDC24, Apple Park.

Gentler Stories co-founders at WWDC24, Apple Park.

Knee-jerk, attention-seeking reactions on social media come with every Apple conference. Last year, people were quick to bury the iconic Day One (still going strong today); this year, it’s giants like Whoop, 1Password, AllTrails, and some indie bands, us among them. It’s sensationalistic behaviour that has little to do with the actual outcome.

Apple adding more depth to their fitness app was inevitable and is overall a positive development that we believe will also benefit us. Their voice is way louder than ours, and it will help raise awareness about a sustainably active lifestyle. That being said, the features coming to their apps are basic, providing surface-level information. Additionally, the ring problem still exists. Those who like Apple’s new addition but find it too basic will start looking for more integrated solutions with added value.

And that’s where we come in, the developers: to fulfil various needs.

With Gentler Streak, it’s all about tailoring support to what your body needs at THAT moment. It’s about a holistic approach, seeing the bigger picture, personalized guidance, depth in the data, and character. It’s also about innovation, always listening to your feedback, being agile, and making the app as wholesome and useful as we possibly can. We are building Gentler Streak as an accessible, one-stop health and fitness shop that anyone can benefit from, and we look forward to delivering you more meaningful upgrades later this year, and in the years to come.

A big thank you to everyone supporting our work, and giving meaning to what we do. We are here to stay. :)

June 7th 2024

Gentler Streak wins an Apple Design Award for Social Impact

Gentler Streak, a health and fitness tracking app, has just won an Oscar of the mobile industry - a prestigious Apple Design Award! It being for Social Impact is a precious cherry on top. As Apple explains, the two winners in this category (second being a game, The Wreck) improve lives in a meaningful way and shine a light on crucial issues. After winning 2022 Apple Watch App of The Year, this is another huge achievement for a small Slovenian team Gentler Stories.


Lost For Words

“Winning the ultimate achievement in mobile industry, an Apple Design Award, and for social impact, is simply beyond belief. There are so many brilliant teams in the world, it’s kind of hard to believe this is really happening to us. After being a finalist for Visuals and Graphics last year, this year’s nomination itself came as a huge shock! Being told we actually won … right now, it’s difficult to sum up in words what this means to us, and on how many levels. This is for all the indie innovators that are out there chasing their passion, doing everything to bring their dream to life and never forgetting why they started in the first place,” says Katarina Lotrič, CEO and co-founder.

Gentler Streak Aims to Improve Everyone’s Lifestyles

Apple chose two winners, one app and one game, in the seven categories, all recognized for excellence in design and outstanding technical achievement**:** “Gentler Streak aims to improve everyone’s lifestyles, no matter who or where they are. The app is powered by optimistic and encouraging reminders that factor in both physical fitness and mental wellbeing. Its health data is smartly organized and seamlessly integrated to help users thoughtfully track exercise, rest, and wellness. In a Monthly Summary view, users are shown how they are doing in relation to their history, emphasizing the focus on individual progression rather than comparison against others,” can be read in Apple’s official statement.

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